Tasty biscuits and gravy for the healthy breakfast

The biscuits and the gravy are the most interesting and popular dish in the United States in the south region. It is the food item in which it will have the dough biscuits with sawmill or the sausage gravy. This gravy is made up of the pork which is cooked, all purpose flour, milk and the raw meat which is grounded. This is the bulky gravy in which the flavoring agent which is added to the gravy is the black crushed pepper. It is the commons recipe in which you do not need any special thing for making this dish.  This is the nutritional breakfast in which it has the milk and other things like the meat. The meat is very essential for the body which makes the food interesting and tastier.

By taking this type of the breakfast people can feel filling and they will also like this type of the recipes. People who are skipping the breakfast will not skip the breakfast if they start eating this dish. This is healthy for both the children and the adults. The people who are old can eat this type of the food in a little amount.  This is an interesting dish in which all the members in the family will like to taste it. To prepare this dish in the home is easy; this type of the dish which is baked in the oven will not contain the oil which will help the people to reduce the heart attacks and other diseases. The meat which is included in this dish will be very good for the health; people who are in the weight reduction can eat this type of the food once in a week which will not make any impact on the diet.

Ingredients for the biscuit and the gravy

The ingredients which are needed to prepare the sausage gravy is that the biscuits 1 can which is refrigerated, for preparing the gravy all that we need is that the 12 ounces of the bulk pork sausage, 1/3 cup of the all purpose flour, half teaspoon of the salt, quarter teaspoon of the coarse black ground pepper an 3 cups of the milk.  This is the ingredients for the dish how to make biscuits and gravy. This is the good dish in which it is made up of milk products and the meat.  The first step that we need to do this is that bake the biscuits according to the instructions which is given in the package.

Preparing the biscuit and the gravy

The preparation description for how to make biscuits and gravy is those preheat the oven for 350 degree Fahrenheit and bake the biscuits as given in the package. In between cook the sausage in the pan by browning it. Stir the recipe often this will not form any small things in the gravy.  Cook the milk, flour, salt and pepper in another sausage pan and add it to the pork sauce after the completion. For serving the dish take the serving plate and place the cooked biscuits and pour the sauce into it by immersing the biscuits fully. This is the yummy recipe which will make an interesting breakfast.


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