Learn how to make biscuits and gravy in a simple yet delicious manner

There are many ways through which different people from various regions try to come up with some unique recipes. While some of the recipes can actually be a bit complicated either through the vast number of ingredients or through the complex procedures that would be involved in preparing them, there are a few recipes that can be quite simple. While the ingredients and the preparation time can actually be lesser, people can find the taste of such recipes to linger on their tongue for a very long time. One such simple and delicious recipe is the biscuit gravy dish, which is not only simple, but can also serve as a healthy breakfast option for the people to enjoy. Learn how to make biscuits and gravy using the below mentioned method to prepare this simple dish easily.

Ingredients and the calculations used for this dish

The preparation time can take a total of 20 minutes, which is all that would be required for preparing this simple recipe. The below mentioned ingredients can sum up to a total of 6 products, and when prepared using the same quantity as mentioned, can help serve a total of 8 members easily. Since this recipe includes the oven, people would have to disallow their children from preparing this dish alone. Rather, they can seek the help of their parents while they prepare this recipe, should they need. Also, the following ingredients are just as per a simple taste. Should the people want, they can add or remove any ingredient as per their taste. The primary thing is the biscuits, and hence they can take one full can of biscuits for preparing this recipe. For the gravy, people would need 12 oz (ounces) of pork sausage, 1/3 cup of all purpose flour, ½ tsp (teaspoon) of salt, ¼ tsp of coarsely grounded black pepper, and finally 3 cups of milk.


Quick method of preparing this delicious and healthy recipe

The simplest thing would be to bake the biscuits. Hence they are spread evenly on a baking tray and slid into an oven and heated to 350°F. The time for baking can be found through the methods for baking present in the side of the can, as every different ingredient can have a different baking time. While the biscuits are being baked, they can crumble the entire sausage into a skillet. They must be cooked till they lose their raw smell and till the pink colour of the sausages turn golden brown. To ensure that all the sausage is evenly cooked, they must be turned once a side attains the desired colour. Once completely cooked, the flour, salt and pepper are added to the pork and beaten thoroughly. Later, milk is gradually added and later heated just to turn the mixture into a fluid consistency. Once it comes to the specific consistency, they can be brought down and served over crumbled biscuits. Now that you have learnt on how to make biscuits and gravy, it is time to prepare and relish them immediately.


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