Biscuit the perfect snack for your cravings

Do you know how to make biscuits and gravy? You can make super homemade food along with gravy. People like biscuits and love the fun of making of it especially with their friends and family. Biscuits are one of the perfect snacks for the evening tea times. Nowadays varieties of biscuit with different flavors are available. The diet biscuits are introduced in the markets like sugar free biscuits, salt free biscuits, oil free biscuits and other types are available. The delicious whole grain cookies are available and very hot delightful chocolate biscuits are really yummy to eat. Biscuits that spread with nuts and seeds are very healthy to maintain your diet. The health benefits of biscuits strictly depend upon the products or ingredients used in making biscuits.


The quality of the biscuit greatly depends upon the addition of healthy products. The high protein biscuits or whole grain or multigrain snack helps to improve digestion and bowel movements, which are rich in dietary fiber. Some types are biscuits are preferred by the doctors to children or adults for some types of deficiencies. Nowadays diet biscuits are provided for body builders with protein and nutrient supplements. The biscuits consumed under the aim of weight loss plan are used as meal replacement products for the body builders, to avoid the excess inhale of foods and provides essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to the body. These kinds of biscuits are taken under proper gym trainer as only the suggested amount has to be taken.

Making delicious biscuits and gravy for a tea time snack

How to make biscuits and gravy? To make biscuits first chop the butter into bean sized shapes using knife. And the chopped butter is kept in fridge for sometime before mixing it with flour. Take a large bowl and add the flour, salt and baking powder. And mix all together, if you would like to add some flavor of your choice of taste you can add them a few drops like vanilla, rosemary, sugar or chilli flakes. Then mix the refrigerated butter into the ingredients with hands and make sure to mix faster, as your heat in the hands should not allow melting the butter. Now you have to add little milk to make it wet and mix it with a fork to become slightly sticky. Using the spoon spread the mixer into baking pan according to circle or square shapes. You can also spread some nuts above it. Then place the baking pan inside the oven and leave it for 15 minutes in 400 F Celsius, till its turn brown color.


The following includes preparing simple milk gravy for biscuits. The biscuits are served with gravy are really good and promotes awesome taste. Take a sauce pan and melt the 4 table spoon of butter, at a low heat. Mix 4 tablespoon of flour with salt and pepper. The mixed ingredients are blended with the butter in the sauce pan and stirred in a medium heat. Finally you can add two and half a cup of milk into pan and stir gently, leave it for 1 minute. Now the hot white gravy can be served along with the biscuits.



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